Patience is a virtue, but waiting is a pain.
It’s been 9 weeks since I made a submission to a literary agent and as per the guidelines, I can expect to wait 8-12 weeks for a reply.
I’m following the advice of my peers and restraining the urge to send an email prematurely asking about the sub’s progress.
I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to do, reading other people’s stuff, working on the next book and working at my day job.
I am currently reading a depressing book on the planet going down the gurgler. Called “Requiem for a species, if anyone wants to write a book on a dystopian future this is a treatise on what went wrong. Covering topics such as Global Warming, population growth, deforestation, sea level rises and the faith like belief that we can all sort it out in time.
The chapter on rampant consumerism and obsession with GDP, kind of makes me feel guilty for the work that I do in merchandising. Am I helping perpetuate the drive to get people to strive for ever more excess? We cannot go on like this forever, somethings got to give, and it could well be us.
Something big is about to happen over the next few decades and we are not prepared.
Whilst I started reading it as research for my next series, “Harmony”, I am now thinking that if I leave writing my distopian opus too long, it may end up as a history book instead of fiction.
I’ve decided to take a look at our consumer society objectively, as someone might examine our bones after we are gone. I’m an optimist and assume someone will be around to consider my bones, but things are not looking good for the majority of us. We are all taking part in the largest psychology experiment ever attempted.

Our 18 yr olds have been bombarded with 25000 odd consumer images, all telling them that happiness is found in numbers of possesions. With dwindling resources and the impact of the third world wanting to be first world, we will watch how they fight over the scraps that we have left them. By the time my boys are my age we’ll have the results of the experiment.

God help us all.


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