Details, Details

Okay, here’s the deal.
The idea is to get contributions of other short stories, set in Australia, in the dystopian future described in the story. Now I don’t believe that the references are too subtle, but just in case, any questions as to the details of structure etc can be forwarded to me at
I figure stories should be 2000 to 4000 words each but contact me if you want to stretch it either way.
The basic concept is to produce a book of interconnected stories all with the common thread of the described post-cataclysm. All contributors should contact me first to nut out the broad framework I want people to work within.The end result will hopefully be a collection of stories that paint a brighter future beyond the aforementioned catastrophe.
The purpose of the book will be to publish either a POD or e-book and give us struggling Authors a chance to put something new on our resumes. And if it makes us any money,yay added bonus. (And of course plenty of sprucing through your own social networks is always appreciated.)
All the details will be discussed with anyone who expresses interest.
I do reserve the right to accept or reject stories, but as I’m not expecting a landslide of submissions, there’s a good chance that anything consistent and halfway decent will make it in. As a group I’d like cross edits and review, so everyone who has a story included can contribute to the overall consistency of the whole book.
I would like, in the end to tie all the stories together in a final novella length story, reviewed and edited by all those participating.
I’ve kept the story lengths relatively short to allow the minimum commitment of writing time on everyone’s part but there will obviously be some time commitments involved in the reviewing and editing phase.
Thanks again,

Chris K


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