Are You Brainwashed?

Recently, I’ve been thinking bout the world and in particular the West’s attitudes to materialism. Every year we re bombarded by thousands and thousands of messages all aimed at making us want things. Electronic things, sugary things, all sorts of things of which a very small percentage is actually necessary tour happiness or survival.
Somewhere out there are multitudes of minds whose sole purpose is to make you and me buy stuff. Psychologists studying what pushes our buttons, advertising agencies full of creative people wasting their talents on capturing our money and all of them doing quite nicely thank you very much.
Those that can afford the luxuries, and let’s face it they are luxuries, fill their houses with the latest of everything. However they have told us that everyone can have these things, and in situations like that we see things like the looting of London as people that can’t afford the luxuries respond to years of being told they can have it all. I wonder if the west’s faith in consumerism is not at least partially to blame.
On the climate front we may see food shortages in the next few decades,
Kind of makes you wonder what would happen if it was something important like food, instead of TV’s that were being taken doesn’t it. Would we feel differently about the looters?

Just a thought


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