A Vision Of Hell

I’ve been dying for most of my life. I am as aware that my life comes with a use by date as anyone else. I do however seem to spend an inordinate amount of time wondering if I’m going to leave any lasting impression on the world after I’m gone.
I believe in an afterlife, perhaps because I’d hate to think that a lifetime’s memories and experiences just rot away with our bodies. My views on the nature of that afterlife are far too twisted to write of here but I’d like to touch on one thing; My idea of heaven and hell.
I have a theory that when our bodies finally pack it in, all of what we truly are, the soul if you like, becomes one with everything and we have no secrets from anyone else. In this lies the nature of Hell or Heaven. Every other person’s soul you meet beyond the wall of death will see every memory, every thought you have ever had. They will know who you really are. Every evil thought, every stolen selfish moment, forever exposed before everyone you meeting in the afterlife. This is my vision of heaven and hell. Forever is a long time to have no friends.
Keeping this in mind, I find it governs much of my interaction with the world.
Give it some thought.

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