A Little Anarchy

I admit it, (though my eldest argues against it), I have an anarchic streak that rears its cynical head from time to time. I’m not talking about cheering the English Rioters nor am I planning on shaving my head and buying a pair of Doctor Martin’s Boots. I’m talking about the little voice that screams “What the hell are we doing?”
Now anyone who knows me will be aware that I think the first world has its priorities well and truly screwed up. We are subjected to a dangerous type of propaganda, telling us that we are far more important than anyone or anything else. The media tells us that we can have whatever we want, whenever we want it. Our WANTS have become NEEDS and our needs are taken for granted. We have become a disposable society, where we discard rather than fix anything, forgetting how to be grateful for the things we have. I’m not immune to the alluring message that we’re being force fed, catching myself falling for the bull$#!% that streams out of my TV every night. I find myself wanting this new thing and that new thing and becoming dissatisfied with this or that long before the warranty runs out. For someone with a demonstrated addictive personality, I find the constant media barrage hard to resist.
First world society seems bent on using up all the resources available, even stealing those meant for our descendants. As an ex-gambler I have seen this kind of behaviour before.
It’s like we park our responsibilities in the casino car park and go and gamble our futures away.


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