PARALLEL Progress (Pardon the alliteration)

Well thanks to my continuing health issues, I’m getting plenty of time to work on Part two. Currently I’m going through the draft and tweeking it and at this rate it will be available on Smashwords before the new year.
Part one is chuffing along nicely and the number of downloads is increasing at a steady pace. I got my first comment about it which described it “This awesome part 1 of a book by this guy Christopher Kneipp on smashwords, really I think you guys should read it. As it is awesomeness distilled from Kate Beckinsale and Rhona Mitra. Yes that good” . which I assume is a reference to my heroine half-elf Angelie. Made me laugh as I’d never thought of her in that way.
Love to hear other peoples impressions.
Part One is HERE
Chris K

PARALLEL is born

For those of you playing at home, I’ve been telling you about the plans for my first novel,PARALLEL
Well Part One is officially uploaded and available for FREE now on Smashwords in multiple formats at
Did I mention it was FREE
Reviews would be appreciated, especially from those with a blog or web page.
Thanks again all. I couldn’t have done it without your support.
Let’s see what happens.

The continuing saga of Parallel…

This is the current cover Idea for my Ebook Parallel

And so it begins, Parallel Part 0ne is on it’s last tin of polish and the plan is to upload it in the next week. Soon after it will end up on the other distributors and we’ll see how it goes from there. Part two will follow soon after, (Probably later this month to get in on all those Ereaders that people got for Christmas. This will complete the first chronical and Book two The Immortal Darkness will follow early next year.
This is the plan let’s see what happens.

Chris K