Who are the voices in your head? Let’s admit it now, even if we only hear our own voice, we all hear voices in our head. Maybe you just mentally verbalise a word or a phrase, maybe you hear a voice telling you to do something you know is wrong (No that’s not creepy) or maybe it is the voice of your conscience “Put down that burger and nobody gets hurt.”
As a writer, my head is filled with conversations, some that I’ve had and some imaginary, but all very useful if you long to breathe life into your written Characters like I do.
Along with these voices are the other voices, self doubt, “Okay you’ve got a hundred and sixty downloads, but not one review or rating. You know what they say, if you can’t think of anything nice to say don’t say anything.”
I really hate that voice, and to meke matters worse it’s my voice I hear.
For those who’ve read Parallel you will understand the metaphorical theme well. The theme of the book is the struggle between those voices in all our heads. Especially the ones that try to tear us down.
Part 2 of Parallel is to be launched on Smashwords February 1st and completes the first book. Rest assured the message is that you can silence those negative voices, but not without a battle.
I will be also giving some copies away of Part 2, more details to follow.
The next book in the series of three is called Immortal Darkness and will be broken into two Parts as well. It is slated for release mid year 2012.

Anyway, enough of my madness, time to get back to work.

Chris K

It is done

So here’s the official announcement,
Parallel Part 2 will be available from Smashwords on February 1st 2012.

I have just finished Parallel Part 2 and it is going through the last bit of polish as I prepare it for publication.
Less than two weeks to go and still so much to do.
Working on the cover art and adding appendices, it all seems to take time but I’m confident it will be ready in time.

Part one is still available for free from Smashwords
Apple iTunes

I need reviews from anyone who has read it.
Thanks again
Chris Kneipp

Map from Parallel

This is the Map from Parallel Part 2 (Coming soon).
As the story continues, more detail will be added to the map so watch this space.
Parallel Part 1 has passed the vetting process and is now available from iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Sony as well as Smashwords here
Updates on Part 2’s progress to come in the next few days.

Thanks all for your continued interest and remember I love to get feedback from those that have read it.

Your’s through words,
Chris Kneipp

The Waylaid Plans of Mice and Men

Happy New Year to all my blog readers, (Both of you, LOL)
So, a new year and with any luck lots of new starts. Parallel Part 2 is on its way in the next few weeks, slightly delayed by the need to re format Part 1 on Smashwords as it didn’t pass the vetting process. (It didn’t like the Italics being done as an individual Style. Lesson learned and corrections made.) I won’t lie though. Christmas cheer contributed equally to the delay. Now I’m cutting and pasting from previous versions and rewriting like a madman. Squeezing writing between merchandising visits, (My day job’s merchandising DVDs) and trying not to be tempted by the new release movies that I’m processing.
Slowly things are coming together and there’s been a steady rise in thhttps://parttimelunatic.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=poste download numbers of Part 1, 114 downloads so far and I know that I don’t have that many family and friends so someone’s reading it.
To promote Parallel, I’ve been utilising Facebook, Reddit, and various other social networks but it won’t be until it reaches Ibooks, Sony etc that I get a real Idea of it’s reception. (Damn you Smashwords auto vetter.)
So that’s the latest update.
Any other ideas on how to promote an Ebook would be greatly appreciated, of course.

Chris K

Parallel can be found here, for those that haven’t downloaded it from Smashwords