The Waylaid Plans of Mice and Men

Happy New Year to all my blog readers, (Both of you, LOL)
So, a new year and with any luck lots of new starts. Parallel Part 2 is on its way in the next few weeks, slightly delayed by the need to re format Part 1 on Smashwords as it didn’t pass the vetting process. (It didn’t like the Italics being done as an individual Style. Lesson learned and corrections made.) I won’t lie though. Christmas cheer contributed equally to the delay. Now I’m cutting and pasting from previous versions and rewriting like a madman. Squeezing writing between merchandising visits, (My day job’s merchandising DVDs) and trying not to be tempted by the new release movies that I’m processing.
Slowly things are coming together and there’s been a steady rise in th download numbers of Part 1, 114 downloads so far and I know that I don’t have that many family and friends so someone’s reading it.
To promote Parallel, I’ve been utilising Facebook, Reddit, and various other social networks but it won’t be until it reaches Ibooks, Sony etc that I get a real Idea of it’s reception. (Damn you Smashwords auto vetter.)
So that’s the latest update.
Any other ideas on how to promote an Ebook would be greatly appreciated, of course.

Chris K

Parallel can be found here, for those that haven’t downloaded it from Smashwords


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