So What Just Happened? (Into Deepest Darkest part two.)

Okay, the five free days on Amazon for my novel Parallel is up and I’ve had a chance to look over the data. in five days my novel was downloaded by 322 different people. I have no idea who all of them are, barring a few, (Thanks Leni), they are strangers to me. This will be a good thing, if I can get even 5% of them reviewing commenting and otherwise spreading the word, then it may generate some interest.
I have thought long and hard about my dream of being an author, and it’s taken decades for me to realise what a slow climb it is at the begining.
To avoid obsessively watching the stats, I went bush for 4 days with my Brother in Law and an old mate of mine from Sydney. This may have been a master stroke for my sanity but it probably didn’t help by taking me out of the promotion loop.
None the less between Amazon and the previous versions on Smashwords I’ve manged to get about 500 or so copies out into the wide world.
This raises the question of Social Media and how I use it to promote the book, and my other writings.
I have accounts with Twitter and Facebook (though I’m still trying to work out how to create a page for myself as an author). I have accounts with Reddit, Stumbleupon, Goodreads and Digg but they are all new and I am still trying to work out the most effective methods of utilization.
All in all this is the early days of making the dream come true.
Two people have paid money so far to read my book and I am greatful to them. For me, selling my first book moved me from the status of Writer to the title of Author.
It’s a good first step.

Chris K


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