RIP Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards.

RIP Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards.

It’s old news in many ways but an old left leaning writer like me can only keep his mouth shut for so long in the face of such bloody mindedness. To explain, the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards was axed a few month’s ago by Can Do New Man as part of his wide ranging policy to stop spending anything on anything. When he has collected all the money, he will then use the money to justify the sudden spike in the unemployment rate.

However, the comparisons drawn in this article makes me think that the distinct differences in opinion boils down to what you think is important. Last election we voted for this man, and wrote him a ticket saying “Do what you bloody well like. Make everything better than pretty bloody good..” (well I didn’t vote for him because I hate to see a landslide.,)

The upshot is that he can drive this state anyway he likes, but the things that make us like a leader are some of the things he is taking away. Uncertainty of jobs across the public service, rumours of cut’s to vital services like breast screening and the withdrawl of support from the arts community are all signs of a leader who sees only the numbers, and not the people. This is what happens whenever we give all the keys to one man. It is the danger of personality politics.

Can Do has become Will Do and what he will do is whatever he bloody well likes.

When a Leader loses his imagination, his cities will lose their souls.

Chris Kneipp



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