The world of Quell is growing, layers being laid upon layers. I actually enjoy the Worldbuilding part of Writing.

Part Time Lunatic

The world of the Kasdtien Cycle is rich and complex. Quell is a world, made to mirror five others, so the legend goes. Made as a barrier between the Ty and the rest of the sentient races.
On this world is a reflection of every human, elf, dwarf, and troll. They defend a gateway between the worlds, seeing to it that no ty should ever gain access to it.
Until now, they have managed to resist the Ty’s attempts to invade the continent of Tarnak, mostly due to its geographical features, such as the Dragon’s Spine mountain range and the reef known as the Sea of Blades. They maintain one outpost, the fortress of Ty-Cait. It is here that the Immortal Darkness himself, the Ty-Cahn, takes residence at times of war.
The defence of Tarnak is controlled by the Council of Minds, a sort of parliament of elders representing the…

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