Splitting my Blog A Question for my fellow authors.

End the violence.

Its time. The discussion on Women’s equality recently here in the land of Aus, has prompted me to start a second blog, (where will I find the time?) called somewhat appropriately Not All Men Are Bastards.
This will leave Part Time Lunatic for my more creative pursuits and my take on the writerly game.
So here’s where life stands at this moment in time. I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks and as a part timer no money’s coming in from my side. (No this is not a call for donations LOL) My writing has suffered though I have been learning a few new tricks for editing book two Immortal Darkness, still aiming for Christmas release.
Learning lots about Past Perfect and Simple Past, and I can see some of your heads nodding off so I won’t bore you.
Book two is looking like running to about 90k words and I’m mostly happy with the way its gone.
Now here’s a big question to the female writers and readers out there. There have been discussions out there about female tropes used in spec fiction, and one caught my eye because I am skating very close to that particular edge with an event in my book.
So here’s the thing, (possible Spoiler alert) A character, female, imprisoned and experiences abuse that only happened in her mind, a false memory implanted to break down her psychic barriers. A complete and terrible violation that is only alluded to as I am still aiming at the PG rating, so to speak. The focus is on the people in the false memory who perpetrate the abuse, including the main character. Shifts the reader from the act of violation to the relationship fallout that follows upon freedom. The PTSD is played out over the subsequent Chapters, bringing out the emotional and the psychological impact of the interrogation. Questions are raised including reality vs illusory reality but the plot revolves for a time around her struggle with it. She does recover and return to her butt kicking self, stronger and ready to face the next challenge. With some help from the elves she overcomes the burden of the memory after all she knows what’s real.
Here’s my question. Is this an overused trope?
Personally I’ve known a number of women who had been abused, and witnessed the long term damage that it does and the power of a woman who survives such a thing. For me this subplot allows me to express some things that are close to my heart and I’m hoping that it is a shared emotion with the readers.
Any thoughts, Ideas or Abuse?
Please comment below.

Chris Kneipp
Part Time Lunatic and full time human being.

The Great Aussie Women of Spec Fiction.

Following a discussion with my wife we’ve decided that Australia is blessed with so many excellent female speculative fiction writers. Must be something in the water. Not only are these women fabulous at the craft, but I have always found them to be gracious in their support of the Australian Writing community, and have helped put our little country on the world literary map. In so many countries around the world I hear the complaint that Spec fiction is a male dominated domain. With talent like this as an example, perhaps it is time the rest of the publishing world took a look at what’s happening here.

Here are some of the names we’ve came up with, (With assistance from Facebook friends, thankyou). Care to add any…?

Emily Rodda, Isobelle Carmody, Marianne de Pierres, Kate Forsyth, Kylie Chan, Rowena Cory Daniells, Kylie Fox and Amanda Wrangles (Had to put A.K. Wrox together 🙂 ), Nicole Murphy, Gillian Polack (One L), Kim Falconer, Sara Douglass (RIP and a great loss), Kim Wilkins, Juliet Marillier, Sophie Masson, Alison Goodman, Alison Croggon, Lian Hearn, Pamela Freeman, Karen Brooks, Belinda Murrell, Kate Constable, Jennifer Fallon, Fiona McIntosh, Angela Slatter, Margo Lanagan, Keri Arthur, Kylie Scott, Kylie Griffin, MJ Scott, Karen Miller, Anita Bell, Janette Dalgliesh, Tracey O’Hara, Valerie Parv, Cheryse Durrant, Glenda Larke, Kirstyn McDermott. Felicity Dowker, Jo Anderton, Kaaron Warren, Trudi Canavan, Cat Sparks, K. S. Nikakis, Traci Harding, Louise Cusack, Erica Hayes, Rhonda Roberts,
KJ Taylor, Maxine McArthur, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Sara Creasy

I believe that a huge part of Australia’s success in turning the world’s statistics on their head is because of the support of the writer community here. In interviews, blogs and social media it is normal to hear reference by one Author to other Australian authors and that sense of community is building a thriving creative environment. (This is my belief anyway.)
In creative industries, seeing each other as competition is counter-productive. All it does is makes it harder for all those incredible minds to find avenues that are open to creative expression.
What a terrible shame it would have been if we had never had the words of these great authors to share because of their gender. So to all those fabulous women Author’s worldwide, take a leaf from the Aussie experience. Support each other, celebrate each other and promote your fellow writer’s of the female persuasion. Maybe this will help to level the playing field worldwide.
A world that only hears the Male voice is a world that only has half the story. What a terrible shame that would be.

Christopher Kneipp

Addendum… For a collection of fantastic interviews with some of these great authors and some excellent male authors as well. They are well worth a read if you want an insight into the authors’ minds. (Thanks to Rowena Cory Daniells for the wonderful work she did on collecting them.) CLICK HERE