Immortal Darkness Upcoming Release.

Doing the final edits on Book 2 o the Kasdtien Cycle. Called Immortal Darkness, here is the prologue to whet your appetite

The Blue Gum Forest was quiet for ages and the others had returned to Sydney the previous day, leaving Stuart alone in the valley with nothing to do but wait.
“Watch the gate, Stew and if anyone comes through, call me,” Tyrren’s psychic instructions were clear. “Don’t go anywhere, don’t talk to anyone and DON’T SET FIRE TO ANYTHING.”
Easy for him to say, Stew moped. When you only recently discovered you had pyrokinesis and could burn things with a thought, it was not so simple. Not so simple at all.
He decided what Tyrren didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, so he passed the time nuking any wildlife that was unlucky enough to stray into sight. A glance and small birds fell smouldering from the branches, cicadas popped and lizards turned themselves inside out. His last plaything was a Black Snake which had writhed in agony for a few moments before the steaming entrails boiled out as its red belly burst.
Hours passed and no animals came into range, perhaps having recognised the risk of entering his field of vision. Without any targets he grew restless. He sat. He lay. He waited. It had all been so tedious.
Finally the doorway between worlds opened with a colossal thunderclap that echoed through the valley. The cracking proclamation preceded the column’s fiery arrival, shooting orange light through the tree tops. Tyrren’s Parallel had emerged from the light and raced off up the valley.
Stuart watched from the bushes until the boy was out of sight, then closed his eyes and pictured his master’s disfigured face. “He’s on his way.”
“Good. Stay there Stew.” Tyrren’s voice was a cold whisper that drifted through Stuart’s mind. “And if anyone else comes through, kill them.”
Stew had longed to follow the doppelganger and watch the fight, but he knew the danger of open disobedience. He suspected Tyrren had been punishing him for the recent factory fire. It wasn’t his fault, not really. His pyrokinesis just got away from him. He recalled how the flames licked hungrily around the building like a living thing, running amok between the pallets of boxes. The memory of its spectacular rampage was a great source of joy and comfort to him.
The portal remained open long after the boy was out of sight, the light had swirled like bottled flame and Stew stepped out from his hiding place, the portal beguiled him.
Grabbing his backpack, he slung it over one shoulder and approached the door with his hand stretched out before him. He didn’t know why, he just had to touch it. The roiling light had no heat as he ran tentative fingers through it. Pins and needles flowed up his arm, tickling his skin but causing no pain. Unable to resist the cool flame’s allure, he took a cautious step forward into the doorway, and into the Between.
He had done it without thinking, without hesitating and without a clue on how to get back. That was how he found himself in his current predicament, stuck on the wrong side of Jarod’s Door in a strange new world. The parallel world of Quell.
Tyrren would be killing the impostor soon and here he was stuck in this backwater, missing all the fun. Nonetheless, if he could figure out a way to open the door from this side, he would surely be in for some sort of reward.
Whatever the case, he figured he had better make the most of it, so he hoisted the pack onto his shoulders again, lit a cigarette and headed off in the direction of the rising sun.
The next two weeks were a nightmare. Stuart had limited supplies and no idea where he was going. He had no trouble finding water, as it rained for the first three days. By the third day he’d run out of cigarettes and his food was gone. In the end he had been forced to return to the place where he came in, hoping he could find a way to get back to his own world.
Finding his way to the village of Gar Fall, he spent more than a week, hiding in the stables loft, sneaking out at night to steal food. He picked up a few other things along the way, listening at windows and biding his time. He could scarcely believe it when Mark had arrived back. How could he be alive. There was no way Tyrren would have let him get away from him again.
Something had happened back on Earth, and he began to panic, skulking around in the evening, catching snatches of information heard at windows.
That night Stew could not sleep, unable to believe it and his mind was filled with doubts. He had to find a way back home, but he couldn’t go empty handed
In the bright light of the morning however, he knew what he had to do. If the Parallel was here then he’d just have to bring Tyrren into this world.

* * * * *

Immortal Darkness. Thoughts on finishing Book 2

Well it’s official. Immortal Darkness, Book 2 of The Kasdtien Cycle is finished. It has been through numerous edits by me, and now it’s off to my first reader, my wife Julie.
Beyond that, I am looking for a few beta readers. It would be best if you had read Parallel, Book 1. It’s available free from Samshwords or from Amazon
If you would like to know what happens next, and you don’t mind offering advice/ reviews / any typos just send me an email at cmkneipp at yahoo dot com dot au

Release date is December 9 2012
Fingers crossed and here we go

Chris K