Swooning for E publishing.

Hi all, it’s been a little while since my last post, as I’ve been busy doing the things that need to be done iCover Woo BookOneMediumn preparation for the third book. I’ve also been using the time to get some book buddies, other writers with an interest in Spec Fiction. Thanks to comments , Particularly on book One by a friend of mine from Vision writers group, (Hi Guys) I’ve uploaded the revised first book to Amazon and Smashwords and they be up soon.

The simple act of uploading a newer, tighter version of the novel is, I believe, one of the main strengths of Self Publishing in an ebook format.

For a starting out author like me, I get to use the readers I have (3000+ downloads at this time.) to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Then by using the feedback to improve the manuscript, I can then upload a revised version. Now this could be endless, but I’m pretty sure the version up now is pretty much it.

Book One and Two

Book One and Two

The Second book will undergo the same treatment with the help of my Novel Buds, Avril, Laura and Claire. To anyone who is out there and wants to write, I can tell you there is no greater resource than finding a writers’ group. We need like minded people in our lives both on line and in person.

The third is being written and will no doubt benefit from these friends, who have writer’s and editor’s minds.

So, just saying, I am in love with the modern age of ebook self publishing and internetworking with other writers. My only regret is that it wasn’t around when I was in my twenties and thirties.

Thanks go out to Avril, Claire and Laura, and I am enjoying casting a critical eye over your work as well.

Connect people. That’s my advice.

Chris K