The Story of Harmony.

WP_20150727_17_39_33_ProWell, for those of you who know me, you know that I am doing the last of my personal
edits on my current Work-In-Progress, Harmony. The current status is I’m in the home  stretch, and it’s looking like it’ll be about 80000 words of action, excitement and really wild times.

Sydney flooded by Chris Kneipp smallHarmony, for those that don’t  know, is the tale of Kiara Black, Key to her friends. She’s a cop in 2099 Kings Cross, Sydney. The world is a very different place, after a tsunami wiped out the east coast in the ’48 Crash. Sydney is a shattered version of herself, ruled by gangs  and the powerful Mayor, Key’s boss. Her job  is to control the drugs coming into the sleazy world of a pleasure town like the  Cross. When a bust goes  wrong,  she and her partner are exposed to a new drug called Harmony.  Instantly addictive, and withdrawal having deadly consequences the question arises, what will she do when she finds the source.

This story started as a NaNoWriMo story in 2014 though the roots for the story were set down in a much stranger time. 1984. Yes sometimes an idea needs to percolate for a while. And I am now getting  it up to the stage of spending money on  it. Want to recommend an editor,  leave a comment below.  We’re all friends here.

These  last few  chapters need the  most work, especially with me changing up a few things and butterfly effecting my plot. In the next few weeks you’ll be hearing a lot more.

So, soon I’ll be seeking some beta readers, and you can contact me in the usual manner or comment below.

Chris K.



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