About Me

Author. thinker, all round reasonible individual, all things considered.

My name is Chris Kneipp and I’m the Author of the Young Adult Fantasy novel PARALLEL. I have always loved to write.

A Little Bit Too Much Information.

I’m a married dad with two teenage boys and a daytime job. Born in Sydney, the year the Beatles came to Australia, I’ve been living in Brisbane for the last 15 years.

Way Too Much Information

When I was 8 years old I used to tell my mother that I had to write a story for homework, just to get the idea’s out of my head. I would set my alarm for three a.m. and do my real homework in the wee hours.
I’ve been to all the places I write about in my books, even the imaginary ones.


I also blog for the lovely and talented Marianne De Pierres


5 responses to “About Me

    • Thanks Christie,
      Feeling kind of chuffed about finishing it. My head is exploding with ideas for the third book, working title, ironically, ONE
      Chris K

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