Travels with an Old Fart.

This is less of a blog post and more spruicking a new blog I’ve started, full of  my travel adventures through Austrlia. My first tale is about Mullumbimby, synonymous with the hippy movement in Australia that, a beautiful and funny little town near the Northern New South Wales border. Read about the town and then share on the adventures of my latest journey there. read more here (Opens in a new tab)

This is not my Combi, just so you know

More posts will follow in the lead up to my big Uluru trip in September. Come and have a laugh with an old fart as he explores this amazing country.

Urban Wildlife

All of these animals I’ve encountered on my morning walks.

Ringtail possum, living in the middle of an industrial park. Nested  in a bush of cane surrounded by factories.wp_20161026_10_23_40_pro

Mama Poss and this years babe just peeking out from behind mum.img_0587

Poss moved in to our roof about five years ago so I found the hole she was accessing the roof cavity through and closed it up while she was out one night. That day I’d built a nesting box and placed  it in my shed near where the hole into the roof used to be. img_0589

She’s live in the box ever since.img_0590

Each year she has a new little one, and I have seen the single baby grow from pouch to mother’s back and then they leave when fully grown.img_0591

But mama poss stays behind, already pregnant with the next bub.img_0593Last years Possum baby taken on a phone, sorry about the qualityimg_0872

Forest Lake Brush Turkey (Bush Turkey, Scrub Turkey they have a lot of names.) They build these large mounds to lay their eggs in, similar to dinosaur behaviour. Over the incubation of the egg they will add or remove litter to control the eggs’ temperature.output_k6rcjwpython-eating-possum

The Story of Harmony.

WP_20150727_17_39_33_ProWell, for those of you who know me, you know that I am doing the last of my personal
edits on my current Work-In-Progress, Harmony. The current status is I’m in the home  stretch, and it’s looking like it’ll be about 80000 words of action, excitement and really wild times.

Sydney flooded by Chris Kneipp smallHarmony, for those that don’t  know, is the tale of Kiara Black, Key to her friends. She’s a cop in 2099 Kings Cross, Sydney. The world is a very different place, after a tsunami wiped out the east coast in the ’48 Crash. Sydney is a shattered version of herself, ruled by gangs  and the powerful Mayor, Key’s boss. Her job  is to control the drugs coming into the sleazy world of a pleasure town like the  Cross. When a bust goes  wrong,  she and her partner are exposed to a new drug called Harmony.  Instantly addictive, and withdrawal having deadly consequences the question arises, what will she do when she finds the source.

This story started as a NaNoWriMo story in 2014 though the roots for the story were set down in a much stranger time. 1984. Yes sometimes an idea needs to percolate for a while. And I am now getting  it up to the stage of spending money on  it. Want to recommend an editor,  leave a comment below.  We’re all friends here.

These  last few  chapters need the  most work, especially with me changing up a few things and butterfly effecting my plot. In the next few weeks you’ll be hearing a lot more.

So, soon I’ll be seeking some beta readers, and you can contact me in the usual manner or comment below.

Chris K.



Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Cover Woo BookOneMedium

It’s been a while since my last post, as I prepare for what I hope will be a great New Year, I think back on what I’ve been doing this year. 2013 has been a year of preparing for 2014. This year I have recieved my first payment of money made from sales. It’ll buy me a couple of coffees, but it’s the moral victory that counts. I’ve been blogging for Marianne De Pierres. The ever gracious author  lets me hone my blogging skills doing Reviews of Tech

Book One and Two

and movies.

I’ve learnt so much, bounced ideas around with the talented authors of Vision Writers group. Looking forward to bringing great things out in the coming year but more on that later.

Along the way I’ve re-edited Parallel and reposted it and am working through a revise on The Immortal Darkness. Four thousand people have downloaded Parallel and it keeps me going watching the download counter go up. I’ve also made headway on the third book, though its going places I did not expect.

At this time, when we review our years and consider our futures I hope that you all have a wonderful, enlightening and above all else safe New Year. Thank you to all those who have encourage me and kept me going.

Let Peace be your religion and love your incense. Thanks for the words folks.

Chris K

Poss and son