Refugee Cats.

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So a while back, I had this problem. A lot of the neighbourhood cats had been coming into my backyard, mostly to hide from the packs of savage dogs out there beyond the fences of my little world. I felt kind of bad about that, but, to paraphrase John Howard ;

I will decide which animals come into my yard and by which means they come here. So what I did was catch the cats that were in my yard and put them in cages down the back, near the shed. Then I electrified my fences to stop any more cats coming in.

A few cats tried to cross the electric fence, they may have died, I don’t know. I think the feral rottweiler might have got the rest, but it’s okay, ’cause it happened next door.

So, here’s my question. How long is it humane to keep the cats caged up before throwing them back to the feral rottweilers? It’s been a few years now.

I mean I feed them, I’m not a monster. (Okay, I pay a dodgy company to poke food through the bars sometimes, but I don’t like seeing the cages. Or talking about them, apparently. )*

The neighbours complained about me keeping them locked up, so I gave a heap of cats to the dodgy kid next door to deal with, only now, the neighbours tell me the dodgy kid’s been abusing the cats I gave him.

Some people are never happy.

I hate it when people tell me what to do.

Especially, when I’m being an arsehole.

.*N.B. Just got the bill from the guy’s feeding the cats down the back yard. $570,000 per cat seems a bit excessive.

.Update. Some protesters tried to free the cats again but I slipped the cops a twenty and they took them away for trespassing. Get off my lawn, hippy.

Dear reader. If you feel bad for the cats, how much more those trapped in the hell Offshore,(and onshore) Indefinite Detention. These are people, human beings, not illegals, queue jumpers or boat people. Women, children and men, traumatised by the rottweilers all over the world, and we keep them in cages, feed them back to the Rottweilers and console ourselves as we throw them to the neighbours, out of sight and out of mind. Somebody Else’s Problem.
If you’ve supported Australia’s treatment of refugees, I hope this touches your heart because if it doesn’t, you are beyond redemption.