A short primer on travelling through Quell. Or a guide to life on a Parallel world.

The world of the Kasdtien Cycle is rich and complex. Quell is a world, made to mirror five others, so the legend goes. Made as a barrier between the Ty and the rest of the sentient races.
On this world is a reflection of every human, elf, dwarf, and troll. They defend a gateway between the worlds, seeing to it that no ty should ever gain access to it.
Until now, they have managed to resist the Ty’s attempts to invade the continent of Tarnak, mostly due to its geographical features, such as the Dragon’s Spine mountain range and the reef known as the Sea of Blades. They maintain one outpost, the fortress of Ty-Cait. It is here that the Immortal Darkness himself, the Ty-Cahn, takes residence at times of war.
The defence of Tarnak is controlled by the Council of Minds, a sort of parliament of elders representing the various races. They meet together at the Circulate, an amphitheater in the city of Allholm.
The city is carved from five mountains by the giants, who are now long gone. The streets and buildings were sculpted by the Dwarves from the stone of the mountains’ heart. The best time to arrive at Allholm is during the Allmoons festival, when all five of Quell’s satellites are in the sky.
Allholme stands between the Dragon’s Mouth and Jarod’s Door, the vast plains patrolled by the elite Noin, a race of human women who’s martial skills are well respected by all.
Lying between Allholm and the Dragon’s Teeth is Haemofeld, the Fields of Blood, the traditional battleground on which the Ty have met defeat. Now they have a new weapon, knowledge, and the defenders of Allholm are not prepared.
Now I should give you a few units of measure you might have to get used to.
A sedia is a measure of length, roughly fifteen kilometres. Time is divided into Suns and Darks, for days and nights. Seasons divide the year and a year is called a cycle. I hope that hasn’t confused you.
English is spoke in most places in Tarnack, though it is called Onetongue. It is the diplomatic language of all those that oppose the Ty. Introduced two hundred years before by the Immortal Garodine. Now an immortal is called a Kasdtien, a combination of elvish words for Parallel and Without. To become Kasdtien you must kill your Parallel whilst in physical contact with them. Don’t ask me, that’s just how it works. A Kasdtien will continue to grow older until the point of death, at which time they will regenerate to their state of being when they killed there parallel. So if you’re thinking of killing your doppelganger make sure you’re in good shape first.
Garodine is of course a Kasdtien as are the Ty-Cahn and the healer empath Eitsrik.
All Kasdtien have Elaes; the elvish word for psychic abilities. There are seven branches of Psi talent, each with an elvish name.Telepathy is called Teelae.
Translocation or the ability to teleport is called Dokelae.
Psychic Co-ercion and illusion is called Eolaelae. (Moving along)
Precognition is Soelae, Pyrokenesis is Fierelae, Telekenesis is Troelae, Empathy and healing is Hoelae. It is rare for anyone to have these abilities. The Kasdtien, the Council of Minds and the Fasdtelae are the only known examples.
Well that’s the main things I guess. If you would like anymore questions answered just ask in the comments. Oh, and if you do run into your Parallel whilst of Quell, run. Remember that there are worse things than death.

Christopher Kneipp

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