What the Walrus said.


The time has come. It’s been seven years since my first two YA Fantasy, Parallel and The Immortal Darkness were released. Book two has floundered though book one did well. I have received some great reviews. My favourite, mostly because I don’t know the person, was from someone called S Newton.

5.0 out of 5 starsOut of this world

December 16, 2012

I’ve read hundreds of free books through my kindle and found many terrible books. This is not one of those books. I was surprised and pleased with how well this book is written. The characters are well developed and the story is excellent. I don’t write reviews often, but this book deserves my time to sing its praises. A lot of writers are afraid to show teenagers that have real, believable romance between them. It’s usually a lot of unromantic crap. When I was a teen, my relationships were very mature and I’m glad to see someone write some feeling into a novel that doesn’t seem like kindergarten trash. Fantastic read, the second one is just as good if not better. I can’t wait to see Mark get serious with his power in the third book.”

I’ve made almost enough from Amazon to receive a check for a hundred dollars and the Smashwords version has added another fifty. That’s the reality of a writers life.

In those seven years, I’ve attended seminars, joined a writing group, *Waves at Vision Writers, read much, and written thousands and thousands of words. I have learned so much from the writing community, particularly over the last couple of years as I worked on a different project, Harmony. I’ve seen more of Australia than ever before and fallen in love with the country more and more. (The country, not the politicians.)

But like all good things when they get old, a good freshen up and relaunch will remind people I’m still around. I never completed the last book, too busy working, worrying and learning how to carve words into beautiful stories. Now, to quote Gough, It’s time.

Soon I will be relaunching the Kasdtien Cycle series as Novella’s, with refreshed content, taking account of seven years of feedback and learning, with brand new artwork, and some spit and polish.

There will be five novellas, because novellas are more popular for Young Adult right now. Each book will be approximately 40000 words, the last to be published December 9th 2018 is the as yet unreleased conclusion. It will be named One, (Because that’s how I roll.) The old books will be pulled down before hand, so if you want a copy of the old form get in quick here. The new set is called the Parallel Cycle, Book one Parallel will be relaunched among much fanfare, on Amazon, and there’ll be giveaways and fun stuff all along the way.

I am planning to release each one monthly, beginning with Parallel, 9th August 2018, mark it in your calendar.

Over the next couple of month’s I’m heading to a writers retreat, writing every chance I get, all while travelling the countryside and blogging about weird shit I see, and generally keeping my head above water. So if you’ve read Parallel before, help support a poor struggling author and download the new version in August to see what’s new, help get the word out, review it when released and give me a hug when the black dog bites..

I feel my writing gives an Australian voice to the Spec Fiction scene and the occasional, “I like it,” is always appreciated.

Release dates are as follows.

  1. Parallel                                         29th of August 2018

  2. Kasdt,                                            21st of September 2018

  3. The Immortal Darkness           19th of October 2018

  4. Kasdtien                                       12th of November 2018

  5. One                                                9th of December 2018, (Happy birthday to me.)

Stay tuned people, more info will come in the lead up to launch. Including cover reveals and prizes.

I’m in the Web-o-sphere, on Facebook, Twitter and My travel blog, (Travels With An Old Fart.), Subscribe for updates, and always up for a chat about anything writerly.

Chris K


Black dogs, rejection and getting back on the publishing horse.


Hi all, it’s been a while. This blog has suffered from a bit of neglect, as engaging with people can be tiring for an introvert with depression issues. When I’m not dancing with the black dog, I’ll be writing, editing or blogging on my travel adventure site Travels with an old fart. I’m currently searching for a publisher for my novel, Harmony. The beta readers loved it so, come on Publishers and Agents, where are you? Finding publishers for a novel in Australia is no easy feat. It has been rejected by an English publisher, Angry Robot, which was a long shot as it was up against hundreds of other manuscripts.

The characters are very Australian,  the Main character, Key, is a kickass female cop in a sleazy Kings Cross. Other players include an 18 year old Asperger tech whiz, a cross dressing leader of a bike gang, a pot smoking telepathic woman, and a young Koori man of the Guringai people from where I grew up.  I’ve crammed its pages with drama, intrigue, comedy, everything a reader could want. Set in Australia in a climate ravaged 2099 Sydney, it has a whole new lexicon of slang. I have high hopes for it, when I’m not dancing with the black dog.

I’ve begun work on the followup novel, tentatively called Destiny. Stay tuned for that.

IMG_2228.JPGAs for what else I’ve been doing since last year, taking a life changing and life affirming trip through the middle of the country. I’ve watched my daytime job’s hours dwindle away to nothing, and we battle on with the day to day struggles that I’m sure everyone goes through. Mostly my life is good.

So I hope to be more active again, now the fog has lifted. I’ve had a good think, and sorted out some of my shit, and now it’s time to get back into it.

PS. Any publishing suggestions or put in the good word with an Agent you know, feel free.