18 small18 is the new Anthology released today as an E book on Amazon. Celebrating the great writers group in Brisbane, Vision Writers’ 18th year since it began. With many published members, including founders Marian De Pierres and Rowena Corey Daniels, the group is a fantastic cauldron to throw down your current work in progress and hear honest and invaluable advice. My writing would not be anything were it not from the lessons I have learned from this fabulous mix of Sci fi, Fantasy and Horror Authors.
And so I’m excited to announce that our anthology 18 is available. Showing off the talents of some of the current crop of authors, thirteen stories of other worlds, other places, other times. From Tales of Dragon’s to Gangsters and wizards, the stories will take you to places of wonder and horror. My own story is the last, appropriately closing out this excellent collection. Thanks to all who had a hand in making it happen, Trahern, Belinda, Talitha, Meghann, and all the other writers involved.
On the 9th of May it will be free to download, from Amazon

So go get it, read it, tell me what you think.

Review Of Serious Sas and Messy Magda

Serious Sas and Messy MagdaSerious Sas and Messy Magda by Marianne de Pierres
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Serious Sas and Messy Magda is a picture book for kids that works on so many levels. Without preaching, or feeling like a lecture, the fun tale of Sas and her messy mother Magda helps to teach kids it’s okay to be different, whether you’re a clean freak or a messy mum. Along the way we learn lessons about accepting others, accepting ourselves and loving those in our lives, even if they’re different.
I thoroughly recommend this book for all children. A lovely, enjoyable book with great art by Rachel Annie Bridgen.

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My next great adventure.


Well I still haven’t made my fortune so my day job has been keeping me busy, I’ve managed to squeeze out a flash fiction for a competition  and polish up my story for an anthology coming out mid year. (More news to follow closer to the date.) I’ve been blogging for Marianne De Pierres’ web site and updated my political/conscience blog Not All Men Are Bastards with my opinion of the state of Australian Government. (I’m taking part in the March in March, my first ever protest rally. Something everyone should do at least once in their life.)

Cover Woo BookOneMediumAs for Parallel, my YA Paranormal Fantasy novel is fast approaching 5000 downloads. Amazon is still outperforming Smashwords, despite Amazon’s continued stuffup of pricing. (It’s free, really.) but Smashwords has paid me my first royalties. (Yay, I can finally buy that cappuccino.) I think I’m about ready to start charging a nominal price for it soon but for now it’s still free.

Book Two, The Immortal Darkness has been an interesting exercise and I see now it was released too soon.It is in revision now and the newer betterer version will be out soon. I’m planning a big relaunch promo sort of thing. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh well, you live and learn and in the last two years I have learned so much  from so many people. The members of my writing group Vision Writers have been an invaluable brains trust, as have my Facebook friends and of course my long suffering family.

mapcompositeBook three is coming along, but I have spent far less time on Quell than I would have liked. The aim at this stage is to have it ready for the end of the year.

So that’s where I’m at at the moment. Competition, anthology, book two relaunch, book three.

I’m expecting big things this year, all part of the five year plan. (The good Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise.)

 Chris K

Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Cover Woo BookOneMedium

It’s been a while since my last post, as I prepare for what I hope will be a great New Year, I think back on what I’ve been doing this year. 2013 has been a year of preparing for 2014. This year I have recieved my first payment of money made from sales. It’ll buy me a couple of coffees, but it’s the moral victory that counts. I’ve been blogging for Marianne De Pierres. The ever gracious author  lets me hone my blogging skills doing Reviews of Tech

Book One and Two

and movies.

I’ve learnt so much, bounced ideas around with the talented authors of Vision Writers group. Looking forward to bringing great things out in the coming year but more on that later.

Along the way I’ve re-edited Parallel and reposted it and am working through a revise on The Immortal Darkness. Four thousand people have downloaded Parallel and it keeps me going watching the download counter go up. I’ve also made headway on the third book, though its going places I did not expect.

At this time, when we review our years and consider our futures I hope that you all have a wonderful, enlightening and above all else safe New Year. Thank you to all those who have encourage me and kept me going.

Let Peace be your religion and love your incense. Thanks for the words folks.

Chris K

Poss and son

Swooning for E publishing.

Hi all, it’s been a little while since my last post, as I’ve been busy doing the things that need to be done iCover Woo BookOneMediumn preparation for the third book. I’ve also been using the time to get some book buddies, other writers with an interest in Spec Fiction. Thanks to comments , Particularly on book One by a friend of mine from Vision writers group, (Hi Guys) I’ve uploaded the revised first book to Amazon and Smashwords and they be up soon.

The simple act of uploading a newer, tighter version of the novel is, I believe, one of the main strengths of Self Publishing in an ebook format.

For a starting out author like me, I get to use the readers I have (3000+ downloads at this time.) to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Then by using the feedback to improve the manuscript, I can then upload a revised version. Now this could be endless, but I’m pretty sure the version up now is pretty much it.

Book One and Two

Book One and Two

The Second book will undergo the same treatment with the help of my Novel Buds, Avril, Laura and Claire. To anyone who is out there and wants to write, I can tell you there is no greater resource than finding a writers’ group. We need like minded people in our lives both on line and in person.

The third is being written and will no doubt benefit from these friends, who have writer’s and editor’s minds.

So, just saying, I am in love with the modern age of ebook self publishing and internetworking with other writers. My only regret is that it wasn’t around when I was in my twenties and thirties.

Thanks go out to Avril, Claire and Laura, and I am enjoying casting a critical eye over your work as well.

Connect people. That’s my advice.

Chris K

Into Deepest Darkest Amazon.com Part 4

Book One and Two Well book two is up and book 3 is begun. The interest developments that have taken place over the last few months has seen me back and obsessing over the download stats. The free ebook Parallel, first of the trilogy the Kasdtien Cycle, has benefited greatly from book 2, The Immortal Darkness, having been released and while sales of book two are somewhat slow, book one has passed the 2000 download mark. All the reviews have been very positive and It’s been given 5 out of 5 stars repeatedly, (And this by people I don’t know, LOL)

Reviews like this:

Out of this world December 16, 2012

Amazon Verified Purchase
I’ve read hundreds of free books through my kindle and found many terrible books. This is not one of those books. I was surprised and pleased with how well this book is written. The characters are well developed and the story is excellent. I don’t write reviews often, but this book deserves my time to sing its praises. A lot of writers are afraid to show teenagers that have real, believable romance between them. It’s usually a lot of unromantic crap. When I was a teen, my relationships were very mature and I’m glad to see someone write some feeling into a novel that doesn’t seem like kindergarten trash. Fantastic read, the second one is just as good if not better. I can’t wait to see Mark get serious with his power in the third book.

Now the next phase, apart from finishing the third book, is to begin promoting it, along with considering the possibility of getting it traditionally published. I’ve never been terribly comfortable blowing my own trumpet, and I must admit to feeling a little lost at the moment. Questions like,”Do I search for an agent?” are always in my head. An agent could help with the publicity and promotion, certainly a good agent would be a wealth of knowledge and advice.

Questions without answers but I’m always open to advice.

Comments below as usual. Advice appreciated.

Chris K


Marcia's Book Talk

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Christopher Kneipp, author of the novels PARALLEL (BOOK ONE IN THE KASDTIEN CYCLE), THE IMMORTAL DARKESS (BOOK TWO IN THE KASDTIEN CYCLE), and short stories CROSSCUT, and MAX’S EYES, and welcome him to my blog.

Welcome Christopher!


Q: Have any life experiences inspired you to write your books?

A: I guess the short answer to that question is all my life experiences inspired me to write. I’ve always loved reading but it is looking at the things around me through a slightly warped lens that make me constantly ask the question, “What if?”


Q: For how long have you been writing?

A: I remember coming home from school at age 7 and telling my mother that I had to write stories for homework. Then setting the alarm for 3 AM to wake up and do my real homework. I did stop writing for a few years…

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