Parallel Update

My first novel, Parallel, is now available from Smashwords in it’s complete form. AND IT’S FREE. This is to coincide with the reprice to free on Amazon.
The Smashwords release means that it will soon be available from Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and pretty much anywhere.
Now since it became free on Amazon, the novel has been moving along quite nicely, though I am still looking for more reviews.
As an unknown author I have chosen the path of releasing the first book for free to get some exposure, something that is harder than I realized when I first embarked on this self publication exercise. Whether this will translate into future sales remains to be seen but I remain optimistic.
The second book, The Immortal Darkness is coming along, being written in the gaps between life and responsibility. I’m hoping to have it ready by August-September, and I seem to be on track for that deadline.
In the mean time, I am utilizing social media, having now set up an author page on Facebook.
This page contains a few extras relating to the series: A Map, Glossary and the like. This will be updated at irregular intervals as more things are produced.
So all in all it’s a happening thing. What the final outcome will be is anybodies guess, but hopefully this blog at least will give an insight into the shady world of self publication.

Chris K

Into Deepest Darkest part 3

Something interesting happened with my book a couple of days ago. Now it’s all a little odd but that’s not unusual in the deep dark jungle of self publishing.
My first book has been a little neglected while I’ve been writing Book Two. I’d stopped obsessing over the sales ticker ticking over. It’s had about five hundred downloads between Smashwords and Amazon. Until now I’ve been waiting for Amazon to catch on that It’s available free from Smashwords and its ebook stores.
Two days ago I checked the reports from Amazon and low and behold, they’ve released it for free at last. Suddenly people are downloading it again. The idea being that book two should be ready just as Book one starts to gather momentum. That’s the theory anyway.
And so, for the first time I can say yes, PARALLEL is available complete and for free as of now.
For those unacquainted with the book, check out the info at the top of the page. Or on Facebook here
Parallel is available now from Amazon here.

Thanks for your support and any feedback and reviews are always appreciated.

Chris Kneipp